Where are you based?
Shantilal & Sons is based in Mumbai (Bombay), India.
For contact details click on contact us.


How do I order samples ?
Select the wedding invitation card and email us the details of the samples at
info@shantilal-sons.com and the samples will be couriered to you. The sample
cost will be Rs. 2200/- which is adjustable if an order is placed.

How many days does it take to process the wedding cards ?
1-2 working days for the first proof.
After the proof is finalised its take 8 working days
As most of our designs our make to order cards,time for manufacturing varies
from card to card.It take 4-5 working days for couriers

What about extra function inserts i.e. Mehndi, Sangeet, Cocktail ?
Please specify the details for the inserts and they will be matched with
your wedding cards

What about Wedding Accessories i.e. RSVP, Thank you card, Table card
and wedding program book ?
All the wedding Accessories are matched with wedding cards.


Can I customize my wedding cards ?
Since we have our own manufacturing & designing any changes in the
cards are possible. And you can design your own card too just send in
your imagination and we will make it for you.

Can I have a Theme in the wedding Invitation or match it with my wedding theme ?
Definitely that is what we specilise in just send in the details at mihir@shantilal-sons.com .


How are the cards Delivered ?
We use reputed Courier services like UPS, FED-EX, DHL and others.
We can also dispatch cards under your account number.

How many days does it take for courier
It take 4-5 working days for couriers

Where do I get more information ?
Email us at mihir@shantilal-sons.com or use our contact details